How Important Is Web Design For search engine optimization

When you are on the web as frequently as I ‘m, you encounter many of websites directly out of the mid nineties and some that you understand someone just believed one day “Iwill construct my own site”.

The question is how important is web design on your Search Engine Optimization?

When you’re building a site, or deciding on a designer on your web site you should make certain the designer keeps their code clean. What do I mean? Well, take the time and look at the code, you need nice clean programming. Don’t make it possible for them to fill your website with font tags and also a whole lot of java script. Most of all, usually do not fill your code with junk. Use your “alt” tags prudently, usually do not describe the picture in the code use that in your visible text. Use just meta tags that are workable, there’s a lot of them out there, but they’ve been devalued and might hurt you more than help you.

Another biggest error I find on sites is navigation, or the lack there of. You work really difficult to get your site to the primary page with SEO techniques that are great, then you have no one staying on your own site because they’re having trouble finding their way all around your website. When you think of SEO, you think of getting top page results, but they tend not to call it internet marketing for nothing (advertising being the operative word). Remember when they can’t find their way to that product, although you are wanting to offer the very best product and the very best price, all is lost. The importance of navigation as far as SEO goes, is text links. Don’t hide your navigation flash or CSS just, be sure you’ve got some text links on your own page. If there is a top navigation I generally add any text links near the bottom of the page especially, it lets your visitors somewhere to go once they get to the bottom.

Last but never least is consistency. Your web page needs to have a motif that is common throughout. You need your people to recognize your website the whole way through. Websites usually are not homes, do not decorate differently on each page. You don’t want your visitor believing they have left your website and then moving on to a competitors site. Another great principle is if you are adding external links on your website, make use of the target tag. This allows for the link that is external to opened in tab and another window that makes it simpler for the potential customer to wander in your way and hopefully buy that product or service that you are offering.

Clean, may even get advertisers to desire to be on your web site and easy to browse websites will draw in more possible revenue, help you to the major search engines with top page results. SEO constantly starts think ahead and you’ll save money and valuable time!